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Q. How often do catch basins need to be cleaned?
All catch basins should be cleaned annually. We also recommend cleaning the drains every other year.
Q. What are the drains?
Drains are connected to basins with pipes and catch any overflow that may come from the basin.
Q. Do the pipes inside need to be jetted annually?
Absolutely not. If you maintain your catch basins, you will never need to jet your pipes. Although our competitors may give you a low price per basin, they will slam you with unnecessary and expensive jetting costs.
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Q. Why should I choose D & M Catch Basin over the competitors?
D & M Catch Basin cleans 35,000 catch basins for more than 22 cities and towns annually. Our competition does not. A leader in the industry, we are always on the job. We do not clean toilets one day and basins the next.
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